Entypo_d83d(0)_128 Me

It is easy to find information about me on the internet. By gathering this information together, people could make true or false assumptions of who I am. What impression would a future employer have of me after a research?


Entypo_e771(0)_128 Terms

Oops, I made a mistake. Even if I try to erase the message, someone has already transferred it to another person. I can’t seem to be able to destroy the information that is given when a reasearch is done on me. How long will this information will be available for?

Entypo_d83d(0)_128 Us

When I publish a group picture, I also involve my friends. When I write on a topic, it can also involve my family, my school or my employer. What I do can have an impact on people around me.


Etendue Extent

Access to the whole world is now very easy. Maybe too easy. With only one click, we may, without even realizing it, be read and seen by people from around the world.