Site Overview

What is a cyber-reputation? How can you recognize a case of cyberbullying? How can you prevent the occurrence of unpleasant off-line meetings? What should a victim of identity theft do? These are the types of questions that, a reference tool for students to the risks involved with the use of social media and cybercommunication, seeks to answer.

Why Was Created?

Technology has changed our relationship with knowledge, but it has also modified our ways of communicating and collaborating with each other. Just think about the constant use of social media by our students, whether it be in their private life or as part of their studies.

We regularly hear about cyberbullying cases, with people whose reputations are seriously affected by compromising photos or shocking remarks. Someone might also fraudulently use our personal information or be accosted during an off-line meetup after an appointment has been arranged through the Internet. No one is completely safe from these situations, which is why it is so important for students to protect their on-line presence, but also that of others, including that of their teachers.

Who Was Created For?

Above all else, seeks to inform students, providing them with tools to help them act responsibly when they use social media and on-line communication:

  • What risks are associated with the use of social media?
  • How do you prevent these situations or respond when they happen?

The site can also be used by teachers or other members of the college community as a framework for developing pedagogical or sensitization activities.

What Can You Find at draws from four situations of risk that can happen when using social media or other forms of on-line communication: Cyberbullying, Off-line meetings, Cyber-reputation and the right to one’s own image, Identity theft. For each risk, the following information is detailed:

  • What it is: This section defines the risk and presents potential consequences, whether for oneself or others.
  • Recognizing the situation: Here you will find “real-life situations” that how the risks may come to pass in different ways.
  • Prevention: This section identifies ways to prevent the risk.
  • Taking action: This section offers solutions that allow you both to deal with the situation and to resolve it. Whatever the risk may be, the student is encouraged to contact Student Services at their college.

There are also informative videos and a Toolbox that enhance the information and allow users to better understand the issues related to the risks.